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"There’s an artificial line between STEM and the arts.

Not recognizing this simple truth is as detrimental as not recognizing the diversity in humanity."

Dr. Makola Abdullah

14th President of Virginia State University

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Telling stories from her own education and from her time in space, she calls on educators to teach both the arts and sciences, both intuition and logic, as one -- to create bold thinkers.

Mae Jemison

Astronaut, Doctor, Art Collector, Dancer.


THE ART of STEM CAMP, ( ages 7 - 14yrs.), is a creative, sensory, joyful and playful learning environment for children.  In the camps, the children will work on specific  problem/solution based STEM art project(s) with local artists, while harmoniously engaging their senses.

They will work from concept to creation, using different technical processes and mediums

of industrial and artistic designs.

This camp focuses on the " strategy of emotional and sensory learning", while working and thinking outside the box.


In the camp, they will experience the vital role that ART,( visual, oratory, sound, rhythm, technology, dance, sculpting, movement and culture), plays in the function of STEM. 

Each art projects will encourage them to think beyond the ordinary, while experiencing the important connectivity between art and Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics.


  The process is designed to specifically increase their capacity to use all their senses in critical thinking while understanding and applying the creative foundation of STEM holistically.




Ages 6-14

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It takes a village of stakeholders and investors to prepare our children for market leadership

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