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Our LEGO Robotics Camp is an exciting and innovative way to learn and engage in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics.

Working in teams of two the children, ages 7 -14yrs,

will learn to use LEGO bricks, brain, motors and

sensors to design and program the LEGO Robot for specific movements and functions.

During the developmental process, each team will

make modifications to the Robot's design, motors, sensors and program, as necessary.  Although

they are encouraged  to work independently,  the  instructor(s) is available as needed to help solve a particular design, Robotic performance challenge,

or answer a specific question.

This hands-on fun creative camp experience teaches the children basic engineering concepts, industrial design, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and innovation.

The camp engages the children in the same development and programming processes performed in a LEGO Robotics team.  Therefore, it allows for great exposure and preparation time in LEGO Robotics before starting or joining, a FLL, (First LEGO League), competitive LEGO Robotics team.

Robotics Camp - 3 boys.PNG


  • Resilience: A STEM education fosters resilience in a learner, not only making them more employable, but preparing them for whatever life throws their way. For example, learning to deal with difficult math problems through trial and error can help learners become more accepting of failure, ensuring they’ll become resilient adults.

  • Innovation: STEM encourages risk-taking and innovation. An elementary school kid learning how to think outside the box and take risks could just become the founder of the next big tech company.

  • Technology: STEM helps learners become comfortable using technology as a tool from an early age, preparing them for the future by meeting the needs of the labor market.


      LEGO Robotics Education






It takes a village of stakeholders and investors to prepare our children for market leadership

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