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Private Home Camp


LEGO RObotics - Camp

LEGO Robotics - Private Home Camp







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Diaspora Global Foundation, "LEAN into STEM" (LIS) LEGO Robotics Camps and "STEM Experience" events are an exciting and innovative way to learn and engage in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics.

We are an educational focused foundation that provides students with an engaging introduction to engineering. We are dedicated to creating a stimulating learning environment that encourages collaboration, problem solving, innovation, and creativity.

Our STEM programs are designed to help students  develop the skills and knowledge needed for success in the field of STEM.

We are committed to providing our students

with an exciting and rewarding educational experience.

Using a proprietary learning system, the children, ages 6 -14yrs, will learn how to use LEGO

bricks and other systems to design and program the LEGO Robot for specific movements and functions. The camp is a next level LEGO experience and can be challenging to 1st time participants.  

Children that are independent leaners will adjust more easily to the building and progression of the camp system.  However all participants that are focused and determine will be able to build, program, and run the LEGO Robots.

 In the camp, they will work independently and collaboratively. They will build LEGO Robots and then program and problem solve the Robot mechanical and programming system to engage the LEGO Robot in various Robotic challenges.

This hands-on fun creative camp experience teaches the children basic engineering concepts, goal setting,  industrial design,  collaboration,  intentionality in performance,  independent learning, critical thinking,  problem solving, resilience,  creativity,  perseverance,  endurance,  innovation, and  competition.

This is a great camp for LEGO enthusiast, Robot makers, and those either in a LEGO team or wishing to start or join one.

LEGO Robotics Camp

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LEGO Robotics Camp

Diaspora Global Foundation is committed to encouraging,  working with,  and engaging children of color in STEM.  We are a culturally diverse  organization.  Our camps and programs  are open to  children regardless of race,  socio-economic status, ethnicity, or gender. 


We believe diversity in leadership,  innovation, collaboration, and engagement is a critical component of our future global economic and social progression.  Diversity enhances synergy,  expands critical thinking, and increases opportunity for greater  innovation, personal growth and cross-cultural economic development.

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LEGO Robotics Camp 



LEGO STEM - AfterSchool 

All images are children that were taught by our LEGO Robotics Pro-Instructor and Coach, Emmanuel, (Manny), Wignall during summer

LEGO camps, or school programs.

Manny  a former Homeschool student, (Konos Academy), was a LEGO team member (The Sky Hawks), at the Georgia , First LEGO LEAGUE Competition)

His team won the LEGO Robotics "Grand Champion" award surpassing many other Georgia teams in the competition.   After the LEGO Robotics league competition experience,  at 15 years old, Manny began teaching LEGO Robotics. 

He became a member of the Fernbank High School Robotics team.  The team made it to the World Robotics Competition, held in St. Louis, MO. 

They also assisted Dekalb County by helping to prepare their school teams for FLL, First LEGO League Robotics Competition.

Manny also volunteered with the High School Robotic team as the "Lead Instructor" of the Fernbank LEGO Robotics summer camp. 

 He was a contract LEGO Robotics instructor for private schools in the Fayette, Peachtree, and Newnan communities. 


He was also invited to work with several homeschool groups, to teach LEGO Robotics

and to coach a LEGO Robotics team.


His LEGO Robotics instructions include private home camps,  LEGO Robotics parties, Summer camps, and school programs.

Diaspora Global Foundation believes in

the power of "collaborative & innovative learning".


  • Resilience: A STEM education fosters resilience in a learner, not only making them more  employable, but preparing them for whatever life throws their way. For example, learning to deal with difficult math problems through trial and error can help learners become more accepting of failure, ensuring they’ll become resilient adults.

  • Innovation: STEM encourages risk-taking and innovation. An elementary school kid learning how to think outside the box and take risks could just become the founder of the next big tech company.

  • Technology: STEM helps learners become comfortable using technology as a tool from an early age, preparing them for the future by meeting the needs of the labor market.


      LEGO Robotics Education

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