Diaspora Global Corporation
501(c) (3) exempt organization

                  "Sisi ni kitu kimoja"

African Child

An urgent and critical matter requires a bold response

                                              It takes a Village to raise a child.   

          Diaspora Global Foundation is committed to the health, wellbeing, and education

                                    of the children of the African Diaspora.


                                          Because, we are part of that  Village



   "Sisi ni sehemu ya Kijiji hicho"



As descendants of the Continent of Africa, we the founders, of Diaspora Global Foundation are committed to the health, education, and wellbeing of the children of the African Diaspora globally.  We believe in participating, and supporting a global platform that will prepare our children for leadership, and innovation. As stakeholders, we believe this to be our most powerful investment in humanity and our future. 

"Our children may learn about the heroes of the past. Our task is to make ourselves architects of the future".

Jomo Kenyatta

"Sisi ni kitu kimoja"- We are one