“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

-Nelson Mandela

 Addressing the Deficit

The process of self development in our children cannot Be delegated to the school system. The understanding of their history, who they are, their organic gifts and purpose is an on-going lifelong developmental process.

Our children must be continuously taught, modeled and encouraged in their growth and indentity as value contributors of humanity.

To reach their full potential, they must be given the right tools, educational exposure, and opportunities for self

actualization.   Sonia M. Wignall

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UWe believe that the Children of the  African Diaspora, here in the US, and globally are at an educational deficient and therefore severe disadvantage with regard to overall education and preparedness for future market participation, innovation and leadership.


Our commitment through the Diaspora Global Foundation is to collaborate and create programs and synergies to address these 4 core educational deficits  through a single structural "holistic" learning component, "THE STEM INITIATIVE".

Th STEM initiative is comprised of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  The study of STEM requires the further integration of reading & comprehension, applied science, art, creativity, vision, purpose, culture, and  financial literacy.


 Foundations that support STEM

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Understanding one's roots, global contribution in STEM, (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is a foundational necessity to understanding, accepting, and celebrating who you are in the diversity of humanity. Using artistic tools such as music, arts, reading, storytelling, the children will be able to enhance their cognitive learning skills and increase learning capacity in STEM education.


A child's capacity to read well and comprehend that which has been read is a fundamental tool for learning STEM.

The Foundation's mission is to strengthen the children's capacity to learn by assisting them in developing greater reading and comprehension skills through daily STEM application. Tools for this will be the reading tutorials with tutors. Audiobooks, and age-appropriate reading comprehension curriculum that focuses on the development of comprehension faculties in STEM.

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Creating a framework for self-actualization through the understanding of internal value, gifts, and vision. Create awareness within the children of themselves, their identity, their life's purpose, and the ability to be creative and expansive innovators.


The ability to have a vision and see beyond where they are currently is necessary for internal growth, transformation, and sustained productivity. The students will be taught using the Diaspora Global Foundation's "Expansion of the Mind" (A holistic approach to STEM. Working with self development coaches, they will learn how to create a vision, identify the journey pathways, and learn how to set and achieve measurable simple achievible STEM goals.

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Financial Literacy

To provide our children a foundation and pathways to wholly engage in STEM through innovational leadership, and sustained wealth. They will be introduced to global monetary systems & values, bitcoin, global mercantile exchanges, wealth building, business startups, investments, financing, interest rates, assets, debts, credit rating, various investment vehicles, inflation, world bank, business development, the process of building expanding and managing a Tech company.