Our commitment
is  Your Opportunity


  Let's collaborate. Bring your projects to us. Together we can create a plan that drives and positions                                                            your brand globally, with a cultural vision. 


Your donation is welcomed with joy


Pamoja tuna nguvu

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      We believe in the power, greater distance, and synergy of collaboration.

      So... we've created many opportunities for you to support our initiatives.

    Your support is tax deductible. Diaspora Global Foundation, Inc is a

                  501(c) (3) non-profit organization under IRS code (170).

Support us In-kind - Offer value through your experience, knowledge, or network.

Volunteer to help us on a project, travel, a connection. Help us create content.

Give Financially  - Support a project, adopt a school in the USA, Africa, or the Caribbean.

Fundraising  - Create a fundraising campaign through your social media groups or the

organizations you are involved with.

Marketing  - Volunteer to help us get the word out.

Shop -  Shop our "Heritage Collection".(coming soon). It is a fundraiser