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Ludlow E. Bailey is Founder and Managing Director of CADA International.  He contributed to the establishment of the Diaspora Global Foundation and is the current Board Chairman of  the Foundation.  As a global curator, consultant, speaker, writer, investor and broker of "Contemporary African Diaspora Art",  he has a passion for the people of African Diaspora. 


As a father he has a stakeholder's interest in the education, well-being, and future of the children of the African Diaspora. Mr. Bailey is a former TWA Airlines Executive and have traveled to over 135 countries, including many on the Continent of Africa.

Mr. Bailey is unwavering in his belief that the Continent of Africa has some of the richest land resources on the globe and has contributed powerfully and influentially to the development of humanity.

He further believes that denying the children of the diaspora the educational growth process needed for future global market leadership is not only damaging to their self development, but will create an innovation deficit that will eventually affect us all globally.

"“Contemporary Africana culture, music, dance, art, and film, represents some of the world’s most spirited, aesthetic, and inspiring popular culture.

It is not only a cultural form, but a means of educational advancement, and developmental expression raising the consciousness of the children of the African Diaspora. The power of their cultural identity and the greatness of the human resources of the African Continent is their past, present, and future".  This knowledge and understanding most not only be acknowledged, but must be included in the systematic educational process for the children of the African Diaspora globally".

                     "The truth of their identity is their strength"

Ludlow E. Bailey

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