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 "If you think education is            expensive, try ignorance."   

   African Proverb

Inner City School Teachers lack knowledge in the content needed to teach the STEM areas effectively.

Getting professionals to teach in an inner city is no easy feat since they are not prepared for the task at hand, dealing with the reality of poverty.

The supply of STEM jobs is exceeding the number of qualified professionals to fill them.


Partner to create synergy

Collaborate to provide financial and human resources 

Create safe, exciting and interesting environments for learning STEM

Engage our children in culturally appropriate holistic learning activities

Through the arts, create engaging sensory learning environments inclusive of

industrial design, art tech, reading, and music.

Lean into Stem - Logo with Diaspora Global Foundation - Created 3-2-23.PNG

"The United States risks losing its competitive advantage if it continues with its business-as-usual approach and fails to equip its workforce with the education and skills to develop and field complex, cutting-edge emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, machine learning and hypersonics."   

The Pentagon

Children of color are not incapable of learning STEM.


     Our LIS camps and programs are specifically designed  to provide the right
     tools.  They 
attract, engage, and inspire our children to "LEAN INTO STEM". 
     Our "LEGO Robotics"  and  "Art of STEM" camps are hands-on. They foster fun,

     playful, sensory, organic and innovative learning environment and experiences.

The right "tools of engagement" are required

“You cannot make people learn. You can only provide the right conditions for learning to happen.”

 Vince Gowmon

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